Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We provide data analytics services to help clients make better decisions by understanding and drawing meaningful insights from data.  

We are strong at data governance, analytics and visualization as well as predictive modelling. This helps derive client’s specific outcomes and recommendations tailored to each clients circumstances.  

Tools: Python, R, SQL, VBA, MS Access, Power BI, SAS, Excel and others where specifically required.

Questions we help you answer: 

  • Which customers are more profitable? 
  • What do I need to do to prices to get more growth? 
  • How can I use analytics so I can be ahead of the curve and know when things are going wrong so I can correct them 
  • When do I need to intervene and help a customer 
  • How can I do things faster 
  • Why did that happen? What does that mean for the future. 

Our data analytics services includes: