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PFS is here to support your success. As with our clients, we value developing the relationship between PFS and consultants. 

There are many reasons to become a consultant: the opportunity to be in control of your work and career, flexibility and the ability to work with clients in the most effective way possible. If you value client relationships and believe in yourself, PFS can help.  

You also get access to our skilled team to help with client work which means larger projects can be sought, won, and delivered with confidence. You can also collaborate, share ideas and insights with directors and a range of highly experienced professionals.  

We cater to professionals at all career stages without the challenges of doing it alone. Right now we are interested in speaking to professionals with skills in life insurance and executive remuneration who are thinking about becoming a consultant.  

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about becoming a consultant, get in touch. 

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We care about your success

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Our actuarial consultants are key contributors to our success. We want people who are passionate about the profession and dedicated to building excellent relations with clients.

Be the best at what you do
We know that actuarial consulting isn’t for everyone, but if it appeals to you, we have a strong track record in developing successful careers for our associates.

A rewarding and challenging career
We will offer you a competitive salary package, a pension scheme, flexible working hours, work/life balance, and more.


Have any Questions?

Consultants have enquiring minds. Here are answers to some common questions about becoming a consultant.

What’s it like being a consultant?

It’s varied, challenging and very rewarding. Being a consultant means developing and using your technical skills while at the same time being on the lookout for new opportunities. At PFS, we put client relationships at the heart of what we do. That means our consultants really get to know their clients and truly care about delivering the best outcomes.  

What are the benefits of being a consultant?

There are myriad benefits. Most of our consultants relish the opportunity to pursue their own career path, focussing on the work they (and their clients) love while continually developing their expertise. Other benefits include flexibility, the opportunity to work with a wide range of different clients, the freedom to pursue new markets and services.


 If you become a consultant with PFS, the benefits are amplified. You don’t have to start from scratch or do it alone. This means you can start your journey sooner and with fewer barriers. From here, its where you want to take it.  

What are the challenges of being a consultant?

There are of course challenges of being a consultant and its important to recognise these to decide if consulting is right for you. Winning work can take time, so perseverance pays off. Also, depending on your area of expertise there may be stiff competition, so finding your edge is critical.  


However, by far the biggest challenge is self-belief – our most successful consultants have the skills to deliver but they stand out because they back themselves, time and time again.  

I haven’t been a consultant before, is that a problem?

Just because you haven’t been a consultant before does not mean you can’t be successful as one and can give you a greater understanding of client needs. Being a consultant is different to being an employee but if you take the time to understand the problem, your client’s needs and how best to deliver, there is no reason you can’t become a great consultant.

I’ve great technical skills, but what other skills do I need to become a good consultant?

Apart from great technical skills, good consultants are adept at understanding what client’s needs are. This means they are excellent listeners and communicators. They can identify and articulate the client’s challenges and deliver work that is easy to digest and truly adds value. They are adaptable and enjoy change. Good consultants are forward looking and comfortable with uncertainty.   

What is the relationship between consultants and PFS?

The relationship between independent consultants and PFS is governed by a Principals Agreement. This is entered into before you become a consultant with PFS. This sets out the support we provide like insurance, marketing, IT, accounting, as well as how you can access the time of Directors and junior staff. It covers your obligations in areas such as establishing client relationships, peer review, and compliance. It also deals with things like intellectual property, tax and training.  


The Principals Agreement sets out the fee arrangements as well. 

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