How Should Aged Care be Funded?

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The Aged Care Royal Commission is currently considering how aged care should be funded. During September 2020, Paul Keating put forward some interesting ideas about the role of the family home in financing aged care, which we think warrant further consideration. It has previously been suggested that the financial needs of the elderly, including aged […]

Are Actuaries still relevant?

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This paper summarises a recent paper co-authored by Jules Gribble. It considers how continuing professional education, a core component of maintaining professional currency and relevance, needs to be reassessed and revised to address professionals evolving needs in a rapidly changing world. The Actuaries’ Institute Council recently established a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee to review […]

Three reasons an actuarial consultant could be your strategic differentiator

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A common question about our profession is “…and what is it that actuaries actually do?”. In a nutshell, actuarial consultants analyse the financial implications of future risk and uncertainty, assess the potential costs and potential returns, and advise on the best path forward. Actuaries do this using financial math, statistics, and educated judgement to evaluate […]