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PFS Consulting’s rebrand: Same values, stronger identity

John Newman, PFS Consulting, Professional Financial Solutions 1

Advisory firm PFS Consulting has recently undergone a rebrand. John Newman, Managing Director of the firm, explains more.

Why is PFS doing a rebrand?

“PFS as a firm has grown far beyond what it was originally envisaged as. Although much about the business remains the same as when the firm was established 17 years ago, a lot has changed, and we believe this can be better communicated.

Many clients have only worked with one PFS consultant for years and see the firm in terms of that individual’s expertise. We felt it was time to articulate and communicate what has changed, as well as what has not changed, and that meant developing a new brand to properly reflect what and who we actually are.”

John Newman tells us more about the PFS Consulting rebrand.

How has the organisation changed?

“Professional Financial Solutions was established in 2001 by three consultants who wanted to create an advisory firm which genuinely put the interests of their clients first.

The founders offered actuarial services and financial modelling, but since then PFS has grown to encompass a much broader range of consulting services. These now include risk management, executive remuneration, financial services licensing, compliance, governance and a range of insurance-related consulting. We combine our expertise in these fields to advise a wide range of clients on strategic and operational matters.”

And what has not changed?

“The key thing underpinning PFS Consulting that has not changed is our approach to servicing clients.

Our expertise and experience runs very deep, and we of course set rigorous high standards for our work, but it’s the way we look after our clients that really distinguishes us. We see our relationships with our clients as like relationships with good friends, although with a professional element of course. We focus on what’s in their best interests not ours, and we pay attention, so we can provide help and solutions that are not “off the shelf” but really meet their needs.

We go the extra mile, are easy to work with, and are always motivated by a desire to leave clients in a stronger position than before they engaged us.

A key part of this is the way we undertake work and deliver services. Our senior and experienced people are deeply involved in the entire process, and ultimately, they personally deliver advice and recommendations to clients.”

The new PFS Consulting logo was created to better convey the firm's identity.

What’s been involved in the rebranding?

“The first step was the decision to call ourselves PFS Consulting, clearly identifying what the firm does and the services we offer, while acknowledging and building on our heritage.

We have updated the website and our visual identity such as a new logo, and new colour schemes.

We chose the name, logo and design elements because we feel these convey something of the kind of firm we actually are. We hope these convey PFS Consulting’s style and highly personal approach to relationships, as well as the depth of our expertise and our uncompromising commitment to high quality advice.”

What’s ahead for PFS Consulting?

“As we are becoming better known, we are finding more organisations want to benefit from the PFS Consulting approach, particularly our commitment to building deep, lasting, and constructive relationships with our clients. We therefore continue to take on new people and plan to grow to meet the demand without compromising our fundamental approach to client servicing.

At PFS Consulting we find it exciting and rewarding to have opportunities to really create value for clients, and we can’t wait to take our services to more people than ever before.”