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Making the most of the Data Revolution

This article is the first of a three-part series, the later two focus on enabling a data-driven culture and the factors and techniques which can be implemented.
Contact Adrian McGarva at or Lynton Norris at to find out more.

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How Should Aged Care be Funded?

The Aged Care Royal Commission is currently considering how aged care should be funded. During September 2020, Paul Keating put forward some interesting ideas about the role of the family home in financing aged care, which we think warrant further consideration. Contact David Rush at to find out more.  

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PFS Consulting can help the Health and Hospital Sector with the challenges it faces

Issues of service delivery, utilisation, funding, and strategy in the health and hospital sector are always challenging, even more so now as a result of COVID-19. PFS Consulting has the expertise and experience to help address these. Contact Lynton Norris at to find out more.

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