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PFS Consulting can help the Health and Hospital Sector with the challenges it faces

Issues of service delivery, utilisation, funding, and strategy in the health and hospital sector are always challenging, even more so now as a result of COVID-19. PFS Consulting has the expertise and experience to help address these. Contact Lynton Norris at to find out more.

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Are Actuaries still relevant?

This paper summarises a recent paper co-authored by Jules Gribble. It considers how continuing professional education, a core component of maintaining professional currency and relevance, needs to be reassessed and revised to address professionals evolving needs in a rapidly changing world.

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Determining reserves for aged care providers

Aged care providers hold substantial accommodation deposits, which are potentially useful to the business for investment in permitted capital expenditure. However, providers also need to maintain sufficient reserves to provide refunds when residents pass away or leave. PFS Consulting’s Stephen Crump discusses how an aged care provider can determine an appropriate level of prudential reserves, and address how these amounts should be invested.

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What are the practical and hidden implications of the new APRA remuneration standard CPS 511?

Stakeholders have until 23 October to comment on APRA’s draft executive remuneration standard before it comes into effect in 2021. PFS Consulting’s Thach Huynh explains how the new standard could impact companies both within and outside the financial services industry and highlights some important issues that haven’t been widely discussed.

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