Operational Resilience – A bigger game and a broader perspective

In July 2023 APRA published its new Operational Risk Management Prudential Standard, CPS230, which comes into force on 1 July 2025. To date, there is no accompanying explanatory CPG230. PFS Consulting discussed a draft CPS230 in September 2022 and provided further commentary after the final CPS230 was published in July 2023. CPS230 applies to banks, […]

PFS Consulting appoints Jayesh Bhana in a new role as COO

Jayesh Bhana PFS Consulting, Professional Financial Solutions 1

MEDIA RELEASE PFS Consulting is pleased to announce that it has appointed Jayesh Bhana in a newly created role as Chief Operating Officer (COO). PFS Consulting Managing Director, Adrian McGarva said regarding the appointment: “This strategic move reflects our commitment to advancing PFS Consulting’s growth while maintaining operational excellence. We are delighted to be in […]

Introduction to the NSW Emergency Services Levy (ESL)

PFS Consulting Consultants - ESL Consultants

In this first article on the funding of Emergency Services in NSW, Martin Fitzpatrick, and Jessie Yu dive into what the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is, who is liable to collect it, and discuss some historical examples. What is ESL? ESL (Emergency Services Levy) is a levy to fund the majority of Emergency Services in […]

Opportunities at PFS – Actuarial Analyst

PFS Graduate Roles

PFS Consulting PFS is a strong and growing multi-practice actuarial and risk management consultancy that combines core technical skills with specific expertise to benefit industry leaders across a range of financial services areas. We are a relatively small but exciting company in a pivotal growth phase. Due to our growth, we are seeking an actuarial […]

Operational Risk Management – Top tips on CPS230

Operational risk

In this article on the implementation of APRA’s new operational risk standard, Daniel Frank, Madeleine Mattera, Jane Byrne, and Jules Gribble map out a pathway for successful implementation. We note that: Read full article

What is Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?

OSHC Cover by Bill Konstantinidis

Australia has a robust healthcare system, and the Federal Government provides a universal health insurance scheme for all citizens and permanent residents. However, international students coming to study are not covered under this scheme, which is where the Student Health Insurance market comes into play. This article discusses why, and who, needs this essential coverage […]

The road to recovery or an exit strategy?

Ian Laughlin and Bill Konstantinidis

APRA is finally addressing one of the biggest lessons learned from the GFC: the failure of firms to plan for the worst while still expecting public support to ride out a crisis. To fix this situation, APRA has introduced new recovery and exit planning requirements to ensure that regulated businesses make plans to rebuild their […]

Why do I need travel insurance?

Travel Insurance

When we travel overseas and get sick or injured, we expect to have the same experience that we have in Australia with the benefits of our great public health system. Unfortunately, in many countries – especially those unspoiled lesser developed ones, that isn’t the case. They often don’t have the same facilities or level of […]

How to benefit from an actuarial perspective

Actuarial benefit

The actuarial ‘package’ is powerful, flexible, and broad based. It can add value in unique ways, in both established and new contexts. The breadth of actuarial training, together with its depth in key areas, provides a strong base, and the flexibility to transfer established skills into new situations or areas. Read full article