Individual Disability Income Insurance (IDII) in Australia

IDII - Individual Disability Income Australia

PFS Consulting would like to thank Principal Ian Laughlin and his team at the Actuaries Institute’s Disability Insurance Taskforce for all their great work in preparing this document. The document will be of interest to anyone involved in the IDII ecosystem – consumer bodies, insurer management and boards, technical and professional specialists, regulators, government and […]

The new insurance accounting regime AASB 17 will involve more work than you might think


The introduction of the new Insurance Accounting regime (AASB 17) is more involved than it may seem. Here are some issues to consider: General Insurance The assumption is often made that little will change with accounting for general insurance, as the new requirements for liabilities pre-claim are similar to the current arrangements under the unearned […]

Insurance and the Royal Commission

Insurance and the royal commission

Insurance was the last sector to come under scrutiny by the Royal Commission. Ineffective regulation, aggressive sales tactics and difficult claims processes were just some of the issues uncovered. Coupled with the proposed Protecting Your Super Package Bill 2018, these findings will have far-reaching consequences for insurance within superannuation. What do the findings of the Royal […]